500 Watts Power

13 Ah Li-ion Battery

70 Km Max Range

Hydraulic Brakes

Puncture Resistant

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The Lougheed is a budget friendly option in Biciel family. Its design features a lightweight, easy-access step-through frame and a fully integrated battery system. The power system is 48 Volts running on a 500 Watt motor and a 13 Ah battery for the range and power you need. Lougheed serves as the perfect solution for conquering your daily commute, extending your riding range, and achieving efficient travel across flat to gently undulating landscapes. Equipped with 27.5" X 2.10" tires, this model excels on both paved surfaces and light off-road terrains. From urban city riding to long gravel road exploration, Lougheed seamlessly blends power and efficiency for a versatile riding experience. By using the Lougheed for your daily commute, you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener environment.







Bafang Motor

- Ride Fast & Have Fun On The Hills


Empowered by a robust 500W Bafang motor, the Fraser unleashes 750 watts of nominal power and a torque of 65 Nm. This configuration ensures not only a fast top speed but also substantial low-end torque, ideal for swift accelerations and tackling moderate hill climbs. The utilization of a sine wave controller in conjunction with planetary gearing means the rider will get excellent reliability, increased battery life, and improved efficiency.


32 km/h (20mph)

Top speed






The Battery

- Long Range Riding Has Never Been Easier


Fraser employs the latest in battery technology to create long-lasting batteries with superior range. The battery packs incorporate 48V/13Ah Samsung 18650 lithium-ion cells arranged in series, accompanied by a battery management system that safeguards the battery and ensures an extensive range for many years of riding ahead. The battery case is equipped with a secure keyed lock for added protection and is fully removable, allowing convenient charging and storage off the bike.



70 Kms (43 Miles)

Max range








Hydraulic Bakes

  • - Rapid Stopping Power Enhances Safety


All Biciel Ebikes are equipped with Tektro hydraulic brakes which provide rapid stopping power through the combination of 180 mm rotors and hydraulic calipers. These easily adjustable brakes are chosen for their reliability and performance. While they rarely need servicing, when they do they can be easily serviced by most bike shops to bleed the hydraulic fluid and replace the pads as needed.


180 mm

Rotor diameter


Motor Brand

Motor Type

Motor Power - Nominal

Motor Power - Peak

Motor Torque - Max

Battery Brand

Battery Voltage

Battery Capability

Battery Capacity

Battery Chemistry





Display Type

Display Readouts

Drive Mode

Top Speed

Maximum Range


Bafang G06A2.500

Rear Hub-drive

500 Watts

750 Watts

65 N.m

Samsung cells

48 Volts

13 Ah

675 Wh


48V, 2 Amp smart charger, operates on 100V-240V AC power outlets

48V, 500W frame-integrated controller

Water resistant connectors and wiring harness

Thumb Thottle - Left Hand

Landian W-750 LCD Display

Battery Level, Assist Level, Speedometer, Odometer, Trip Distance

9-level Pedal Assist with Cadence Sensor, Throttle, Pedal

32 km/h (20mph) - Throttle or Pedal Assist

70 Kms / 43 Miles

Integrated LED Head & Tail Light

Frame Material

Frame Size


Rear Derailleur







Brake Levers

Handle Bar


Seat Post

Seatpost Clamp





Front Rack

Rear Rack

6061 Aluminum Alloy

19" / 48 cm, Low-step

RST Guide 20, Hydraulic suspension with 80-120 mm travel, Rebound Adjustment, Lockout

Shimano Acera RD-410, 7 Speed

Shimano Tourney TX50R6CT, Thumb Shifter Plus, 7 Speed

Prowheel, Aluminum Alloy-6061 52T Crank, 165 mm with Outer Guard

KMC Z7 Rust Buster

Wellgo F-265T, Aluminum Alloy Folding Pedals with Reflectors

Promax, 90 mm Length, 10 mm Rise, 25.4 mm Bar Clamp, Tool-Required Adjustment

Tektro Auriga HD-E500, Hydraulic Disc-brake Front & Rear, 180 mm Rotors

Tektro, Aluminum Alloy with motor cutoff switch

Promax, 620 mm Width, 20 mm Rise, 31.8 mm Bar Clamp, Aluminum Alloy with VELO grips

Lookin, Comfort Saddle with Rubber Bumpers

Promax SP-252, 30.9 mm Diameter, 350 mm Length, Aluminum Alloy

Quick release

Kenda Small Block Eight, 27.5" X 2.10" with Puncture-resistant feature

Aluminum alloy, Double wall with 36 spokes

Full coverage, Front & Rear, Aluminum Alloy

Wellgo, Heavy-duty Aluminum Alloy


Heavy-duty Aluminum Alloy with Bungee Cord, 38 cm X 10 cm / 15" X 4" (L x W)

Bike Size

Carton Size

Seat Tube


Stand Over Height

Virtual Top Tube Length

Min Saddle Height

Max Saddle Height


Weight with Battery

Weight without Battery

Recommended Rider Height

Max Load Capacity

185 X 64 X 117 cm / 73" X 25" X 46" (L X W X H)

151 X 30 X 87 cm / 60" X 12" X 35" (L X W X H)

44 cm / 17.25"

45 cm / 18"

81 cm / 32"

61 cm / 24"

86 cm / 34"

103 cm / 40.5"

117 cm / 46"

35 kg / 77 lbs

29 kg / 65 lbs

>155 cm / 5'1"

150 kgs / 330 lbs



At Biciel, we embarked on a journey in 2022 driven by a singular purpose: to make eco-friendly and accessible transportation a reality for Canadian. Our story began with a group of passionate individuals who shared a vision of transforming how we move through our cities and explore our landscapes.


Inspired by the stunning natural beauty of Canada and the desire to reduce our carbon footprint, we set out to create electric bikes that would empower individuals to embrace a greener way of commuting, exercising, and adventuring.


In the past, we've witnessed stories of city-dwellers rediscovering the joy of commuting and families forging new adventures together. As we look ahead, our vision remains crystal clear: to empower Canadians from coast to coast to embrace a future of sustainable, joyful, and exciting transportation. The path ahead is filled with new models, enhanced features, and even deeper connections with our community. With each electric bike we create, we're not just selling a product; we're igniting the spark of adventure and inviting you to be part of a movement.

What's Included