5 Rules For Battery Maintenance

Maintaining an efficient and properly functioning battery can be the deciding factor between a joyful and effortless ride along a scenic coastal trail or a dreadful experience struggling to climb a steep hill without any assistance.

To ensure a worry-free ride and avoid the costly replacement of your battery, we want to share the 8 rules on how to maintain your batteries effectively.


Rule 1: Store battery at room temperature

To ensure optimal battery lifespan, it is recommended to store your e-bike battery at a moderate room temperature, typically between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius. Avoid exposing the battery to extreme temperatures, as temperatures below -10 or above 25 degrees can significantly reduce the battery's lifespan.

If cycling in cold weather, it's best to use thermal protective covers to prevent deep discharge. Avoid storing an almost empty battery in a cold environment. Additionally, only install the battery in your e-bike just before riding in winter, and avoid exposing the e-bike to direct sunlight during summer. Always charge the battery at room temperature and avoid charging it in freezing temperatures.


Rule 2: Avoid long-term full or empty battery

To maximize the lifespan of your e-bike battery, it is important to avoid keeping it fully charged or fully discharged for extended periods of time.

If you plan on not using your e-bike for an extended period of time, it's recommended to keep your battery charged within the 30% to 70% range. A battery that's left completely full or completely empty can cause the most damage to the battery's lifespan. It's essential to check the battery's charge status at least once a month. If it's below 30%, it's best to top it up briefly.


Rule 3: Use the correct charger

It's essential to use the charger that comes with your battery which is specifically designed for your e-bike. This guarantees that your battery is charged correctly and reduces the risk of damaging it. Avoid using a charger that is not recommended by the manufacturer or intended for another device, as it can result in overcharging or undercharging, and ultimately reduce the lifespan of your battery.


Rule 4: Remove battery for transport

When you're transporting your electric bike, it's essential to remove the battery from the frame of your bike.

Not only does it make your bike lighter and easier to carry, but it also prevents any potential damage to your battery during transport. When your e-bike is in transit, the battery could be exposed to vibrations and impacts, which can harm its internal components and reduce its lifespan. Removing the battery also reduces the risk of theft, as it is a valuable component of your electric bike.

Therefore, always take the extra few minutes to detach the battery before transporting your electric bike to ensure safe and secure transport.


Rule 5: Do not repair the battery yourself

Repairing an e-bike battery can be dangerous and complex, especially for someone who is not properly trained or experienced in handling these types of batteries.

There are also potential risks involved, such as electric shock or damage to the battery itself. Attempting to repair the battery can also void any warranty or guarantee that may be in place (The battery of your Biciel e-bike comes with a 2-year warranty), resulting in additional costs and potential safety issues.

For these reasons, it is always recommended to have an authorized dealer or trained professional handle any battery repairs or maintenance.


By following the rules mentioned above, a battery typically last for many years, usually up to 6 years or more.

The battery is the core of the e-bike, and for most electric bicycle manufacturers, it is also the costliest part. However, by maintaining the battery properly on and off the bike, it will serve you well. Ensure your safety and have a pleasant ride!

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