Biciel Rain Jacket Hi-Vis

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Size: XL (170 - 175 cm)
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High visibility rain jacket protects you from rain and wind features multiple easy-access flap pockets designed to hold radios, phones, tools, or other essentials. Use it for outdoor activities such as pedaling with your Biciel e-bike, jogging, sailing, and casual wear where safety is a plus.

WATERPROOF SEAMING: Stitched and reinforced with taping for reliable water shielding.

360° REFLECTIVITY: By bouncing off light, ultra-bright tapes create an intense glow at night, making you easily visible.

WINDBREAKER: A thin, imperceptible polyurethane coating on the outer shell of this jacket provides exceptional waterproofing and wind resistance.

REINFORCED FRONT CLOSURE: Heavy-duty front zipper with a weatherproof tab that may be sealed for added water and wind coverage.

CHIN & FACE SHIELDING: A lockable chin storm shield protects the lower face from the elements.

EASY TO CARRY: Made with lightweight and slim materials that can be compacted for portability.

SEALED POCKETS: Several pockets for your personal belongings, with water-resistant hook and loop flap closures.

ADJUSTABLE DIAMETER STRETCH CUFFS: With hook & look size adjusters to create a water-resistant seal around your wrist.